glicky (glicky) wrote in curry_club,

Exotic Egg Curry

So last night I was in the mood to cook something that would blow me away. I was ready. It was exactly midnight. Work had gotten me all riled up, and there’s no way I would sleep for at least 3 hours.

There had been someone at work I wanted to bitch-slap, at the least.. So instead I would cook away my inner demons.

So I called Tro. I knew she would not be sleeping either. “Give me the best Naughty Curry recipe,” I said. She could tell what kind of mood I was in. “Try the Egg-Rassa,” she said. So I did. I guess its from the region of Bombay in India--an authentic recipe from an Indian blogger.

Spices are not second nature to me yet, so I just followed the recipe exactly, only I added chicken. Oh my god. Vin (the boyfriend) went wild. As we were mowing it down with toast (I had no rice left) it sounded like we were getting it on. I wish I had made this for Valentines dinner. But fuck who needs Valentines as an excuse? 

Here is a pic from the NC site. Mine weren't quite this red...

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